Digital SS18

Slow future is a tendency to strip away excess, where the new is not necessarily best. At a time when lives are accelerating and time seems to be running short, inspiration lies at slower times. Design and technology merge more seamlessly, creating a rustic minimalism, which aims to combat excessive consumption, allowing a stealthy evolution. The work of James Ball's "Guide to computing" - inspires this collection - a series of photos of historical computers that document the evolution of design.

The collection

A minimalist and timeless approach combining colors, textures and contemporary finishes, with elaborate and dimensional structures. The textured and graphic jacquard contrasts with the silky touch of the Ahisma silk (cruelty free) and Organic Cotton, which are the novelties in the collection. Silhouettes are crafted with cutouts and adjustments that transform the simple design into more conceptual pieces. The origami and tailoring construction is present in detail on coats and trousers. The unfinished seams, overlays and cutouts, appear in the pieces of non-leather, dresses and tops. The palette is made of contrasts and hues of color. White and black colors acquire a graphic feel when combined, and more neutral when appear in one color.

PHOTOGRAPHY: @coloniadesignstudio