Wear Your Values

Let´s be part of a community that conserves and restores the environment and values people.

The studio has repair & mending services available. If you have an Ana Segurado Studio garment that you’d like to repair or at the end of its life for recycling, send an email at [email protected]. For each Ana Segurado Studio item at the end of its life that you send for recycling, you will be receiving a 20% discount on the purchase of your new Ana Segurado Studio piece.


The ‘Archive’  is a repository of pre-loved and one-of-a-kind pieces. Here, you can find amazing prices on the last pieces from past collections, pre-owned, or pieces with slight imperfections.

Wear longer, Never throw away

If a piece of clothing is truly unsalvageable or the damage is irreparable, it can be recycled. Discard it to your nearest textile recycling bin, where it can be sorted and recycled properly. See here where to find a container near your area. Never throw clothes in the trash.


Donating is perhaps the simplest way and there are many places where you can donate clothing. The Humana association develops a complementary work of local support in Portugal with partner municipalities, to support institutions locally with resources generated through the collection of clothes used in social, environmental, and humanitarian activities.

Swap or Resell

You can organize a clothing swap with your friends or choose sites and associations that can help you to give your piece a second life. Check out the Troca-te or Let’s Swap. You can also resell by creating your own Facebook page or in marketplaces like Vestiaire Collective or consignment boutiques / second hand stores in your area that may be accepting new items for resale

Nomad Cotton Dress

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