Portuguese Wool

Extracted from sheep of native breeds, Portuguese Wool is selected by the length and thickness of its fibers. The yarns are wholly handmade, produced in small series and industrial yarns are created in collaboration with associations of local producers.  In Portugal, there are fourteen native breeds of sheep, several of them seriously endangered. Portuguese Wool project aims to value the natural and cultural heritage, as well as contribute to protect and preserve Portuguese sheep breeds.
The yarns are wholly handmade, produced locally in small series using artisanal processes and techniques without the addition of any chemicals. The shearing process consists of cutting the wool close to the body of the sheep, it is therefore painless, the equivalent of a haircut in humans. Most of the sheep that exist are domesticated, and unlike wild races, where the hair grows much less and falls naturally, the wool of the domesticated sheep continually grows, don’t stop. A sheep that is not sheared in the summer will overheat and lose the ability to regulate the body temperature in hot weather, in addition to weight gain that will cause much discomfort and interfere in their mobility.