Our Cause

We are working from our studio, adapting to the new patterns of the ‘new ways’, keeping our heads up and focused on your mission plan. Our highest priority is the safety of every single person, you included, and our everyday actions are done to ensure this.

- We are closely monitoring updates in order to act quickly and following advice from the World Health Organization and local authorities;

- Our online store is operating as normal, with high safety measures being taken at our studio and with all the items;

- We are in constant contact with our seamstresses / suppliers and distribution services in order to monitor the measures that are being adopted and to make sure that all participants in the value chain are being protected and supported;

We also want to thank all our customers, friends and business partners for all the work, support and trust-based relationship so that we can continue to increasingly evolve in our commitment to transparency, excellence, and positive impact for the planet and all it’s community.

We do not evolve alone and we would like to share with you the brands, people, associations and organizations that inspire us and those that we are very proud to collaborate and support.


The Animal NGO is an active voice in promoting respect for animal rights and their legislative protection. Their work involves developing education and information campaigns, as well as involvement in various legal actions. Not being their first vocation, they have also supported, in a closed regime, individual animals, animals with chronic health problems and/or advanced age. 


The Cantinho dos Animais is a non-profit association with the main objective to defend, protect and treat domestic animals at risk and it lives off the payment of its members' dues and donations made by the people who are most sensitive to the cause of animals.


The Animais de Rua is an organization that helps thousands of stray animals, neutering them so they don’t reproduce, providing medical care when they are sick, and feeding them. We promote a peaceful coexistence between animals and people, respecting both animal welfare and public health.

Anyone who owns the Animais de Rua friend's card have 15% discount on any purchase in our online store. For more details contact: cartao.amigo@animaisderua.org or go to https://animaisderua.org/friends


Quinta das Águias is located in a five hectare farm in Paredes de Coura in Northern Portugal. At its heart, it is a sustainability project where all forms of life and the natural resources that sustain life are treated with respect and where every effort is made to avoid harming or spoiling them.


The Plantar uma Árvore association organizes initiatives that make it possible for each citizen to plant and care for a tree each year, in defense of the native forest.


Anabela Teixeira it's an amazing and super talented actress and activist. She is a real force of nature and a dear friend. She created the Voltar à Terra blog where talks about her learning related to organic food, ecological cleaning and her daily actions based on ecological and environmental concerns. Its approach is honest, simple, without fundamentalism and with a soul of sharing.


Vintage for a Cause was created in 2012 by Helena Antonia. They design and manufacture the majority of their limited-edition collections by responsible manufacturing partners in Portugal or abroad using sustainable methods and materials. Learn more here about our collaboration in the special edition BIG GIRLS CAN FLY