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Slow future – a tendency to strip away excess, where the new is not necessarily the best. At a time when lives are accelerating and time seems to be running short, Inspiration lies at slower times.
Design and technology merge more seamlessly, creating a rustic minimalism, which aims to combat excessive consumption, allowing a stealthy evolution.


There was a time not so long ago when computers were not thin, stylish. Devices you slip into a pocket or wear on your wrist, but enormous, fabulous machines with flashing lights and spinning fans. These behemoths filled rooms and captured imaginations with their promise of the future.
James Ball’s ongoing series Guide To Computing is a love letter to the technology of yore.
His bright, colorful photos bring a graphic look to 10 computers from the 1940s to the 1970s and remind you of just how prescient Gordon Moore was.
That MacBook in your bag or Nexus 6P in your hand is the distant relative of the Harwell Dekatron that weighted 4,500 pounds and used punch tape.