“We believe in the luxury of a simple, mindful, and considered lifestyle. In making informed and thoughtful choices.”

ANA SEGURADO STUDIO is an ethical fashion brand created by Ana Segurado, who has always been passionate about art in all its expressions, her work has always reflected a cathartic journey for an organic and insightful world, personal perspectives of the surroundings, emotions, and inspirations. Nature and animal causes were always themes that piqued Ana’s biggest interests. She always considered herself to be a rebel of sorts – always questioning and reflecting on human behavior.

The brand advocates circular design and conscious manufacturing practices and is committed to social and environmental stewardship, Seeks to foster mindful consumption habits, and celebrating slow living.
The garments convey a quiet elegance and a sense of playful sophistication. Ana draws inspiration from Japanese minimalism, contouring silhouettes that will stand the test of time.
All the pieces are designed and brought to life in a sunny studio in Portugal. The studio takes pride in setting forth exceptionally crafted womenswear, sewn to perfection to ensure top quality and enhanced durability.

When it comes to sustainability, every effort matters.

Organic and biodegradable fabrics are employed, the design process is mindful, and strive to minimize waste; for instance, the accessories such as belts and scrunchies are made from fabric cut-offs, the prototypes are wearable and the majority of the buttons are vintage instead of new ones, to reduce demand for virgin materials.
The studio adheres to a strict cruelty-free policy and is an active supporter of a couple of local organizations in their efforts to further animal safety and welfare.
The use of plastic wrapping is strongly avoided. In terms of packaging, recyclable cardboard boxes, and compostable mailers are used.
Yet, so much remains to be done. Ana works astutely on finding ways in which she can do better; but there is nothing more exciting and rewarding, than improving, step by step.

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